CrossFit For Footballers too!

RedSun Football is where everyone who plays football should be if they want to increase their levels of strength and conditioning as one of the best ways you can do that is to take up CrossFit training, once you do you’ll quickly notice how much it can help with your performance in football. a great way to get started with this in London is to book RedSun CrossFitLondon and to attend classes 3 times a week, if you can dedicate yourself to doing that your team will notice the difference.

Football is and remains the clear number one in sport. Many people love the sport, but many also practice it themselves with dedication. Football training is associated with training with the ball, with football. Of course, regular football training is much more complex. But in the abstract, you can describe it as training or playing with a football. The coaches have to find a healthy mix.

It always depends on the phase of a season and the skills of the coach. The start of each season is the preparation time. In doing so, the conditional foundations are laid. Fitness and endurance training in a wide variety of variants are on the program. But also tactically a lot of work is already being done and practised again and again with repetitions of the tactical specifications. Nowadays, you don’t just prescribe a system. No. You train the running paths and internalize it. The preparation is usually very intensive. This is where the wheat separates from the chaff.

After the preparation for the season with elaborate training plans, the so-called league everyday life follows. In the training sessions during the week, new priorities are set again and again. The tactics need to be further trained and improved. The tactics board or the flipchart are part of everyday life in order to be able to present everything better. Forms of play enrich the training routine. In addition, there are passing exercises, goal shooting, sprint training or other refinements. The mixture makes it. However, “normal” football training always includes a certain variety in order not to let monotony arise. Coordination training is also very important these days. There are many different exercises, for example on the coordination ladder and much more.

Today’s football training also includes the attitude to the next opponent. What tactics does he play with and how can you best crack it? This is also built into football training.

The team spirit should also always be strengthened. This includes warm-up games as well as team evenings or even a session in the sauna. This welds the team together and promotes regeneration. Nutrition must not be neglected either.

Regenerative work should also be done. Especially in the so-called “English weeks”, the type of training is enormously important to keep the successful footballers happy.

Football training is very multifaceted. There are numerous possibilities to make the units varied. Above all, it is important to make the most of the available resources. Which tactics suit my team best? This should also be evident in the preparation period. Teams today have to be flexible and prepared for all eventualities. Because these facts can decide games. Just like standard situations. Those who practice these regularly in training clearly have advantages on their side and those who wish to better their level should book CrossFit London,

Updated: on Thursday 02/12/2021 at 11:23 pm